How the blog began

On New Years Day 2014 I wrote a list of what we hoped to achieve during the year.  Top of the list was buy a house - with lots of light and a small garden.  On the 4th January we went to an open house in Rozelle (inner west suburb of Sydney), and by the  9th we had exchanged contracts on our very own two bedroom cottage.  And so the adventure began.

The house is a weatherboard workers cottage on a small block of land – 151sqm to be exact.  Friends have apartments that are larger than our entire block.   We haven’t figured out yet exactly how old the place is but we know some kind of building was on the block on maps from 1890.  And nothing in the place is square.  Between age of the house and the previous owners dodgy DIY efforts there is a lot of work to be done.  But my husband and I are not exactly what you would call “handy”.  So we have had a steep learning curve- which is still a work in progress. 

So this year my list has been written again.  I figured it worked well last year!  And apart from the obligatory health and fitness goals, the list includes continue gardening and renovations, and to start a blog about the process, to share our successes (and failures) with the world.  I didn’t find a lot of information when we were researching prices and advice for the initial stages of our home improvements, so I hope that this might help some other amateurs like ourselves.   Or at the very least prove to be an amusing distraction.

By the way - when I say amateur, I really mean amateur.  I have had to google basically everything that we have done - but so far so good (touch wood) - and maybe not knowing how hard things are has been a blessing as I don't realise my plans are overly ambitious!  Also I should point out that any big jobs we have paid professionals to complete - the ghosts of terrible past DIY attempts are everywhere in here and we have ambitions that house remains standing and hopefully gains some value - so my efforts are mostly confined to painting and the garden. Mind you, maybe with some advice from my fellow bloggers and readers I may get more confident yet......

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