Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Accidental Gardener

I think this little petunia might just about sum up my attempts at gardening so far.  I've been carefully tending plants, watering, weeding and fertilising for a few months.  Then I saw a little tiny plant in amongst my garden and for some reason I decided it looked different to the other weeds, so I would leave it to grow for a while.

Suddenly it looked like this - (not the white flowers, that's the impatiens behind it)

So as I always do when I need to check what a plant is - I sent a picture of it to my dad. And he texted back to tell me it's a petunia.  I don't really understand how I magically grew a petunia.  I did have a small tray of seedlings I was attempting some months ago, most of which had died, and then my mum kicked it over accidentally - so I can only assume one of those tiny plants somehow survived and then flourished, despite digging it up and generally neglecting it.  It's an accidental petunia.  And I'm an accidental gardener.  I didn't expect to enjoy it so much but suddenly I am seriously considering the relative merits of different sorts of potting mix and making sure I'm home every night to water my garden.  I'm still not exactly skilled, but I'm enjoying it.  And starting to recognise plants without having to text my dad.  

Now if only my planned attempts at growing plants from seed could be so successful......

Lovely purple flowers

It seems to be an awfully tall petunia!

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