Monday, 20 April 2015

Raindrops keep falling

Well I've been a bit lax on the posts recently, and I admit between work and a social life I've not just neglected the blog but also doing any activities which I may later be able to blog about!

And now it is raining.  

This is the radar picture on the Bureau of Meteorology website right now.

We are watching the Souths vs Cronulla game (on our newly acquired Foxtel - how long do you think it will be before I regret the decision to have non stop sport available to watch?!) and the rain and wind are unbelievable.  I think tonight footy players may actually earn their money.

So apart from causing a see-through shorts competition amongst the Rabbitohs team (wouldn't want to be wearing any novelty print underwear tonight) the rain is causing me some other angst - namely a massive leak around my dining room window.

It is quite strange.  When the rain starts, we are dry for a few hours, no matter how heavy the initial storm.  But after a while, a drip starts around the window.  Then two.  And if the rain is relentless (like today) it ends up a basic stream of water coming in around the window.  I can't put a bucket under it as the window sill won't support one, so all I can do is lay towel after towel to mop it up.  I'm onto towel number 5 for the day - and I can't get any dry in this weather so I am quickly running out!

Anyway, I think this will be a job for the professionals  - when we dry out again.  We also have a leak in the roof I think, although the water doesn't come in there, it only  bubbles under the paint.   Ah, the joys of an old leaky house!

So today, instead of pictures of my experiments in gardening or DIY projects I have instead three great rain songs - well maybe two great songs and a good old classic.  Have fun jumping in puddles!

Garbage.  I'm only happy when it rains.  
Well, not entirely true but I do like this song.

Gunners November Rain has to be one of the most awesome songs ever!

No one looks as good singing (and dancing) in the rain as Gene Kelly 

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