Monday, 7 September 2015

Hidden delights of Rozelle - Callan Park Bush Track

Glimpses of the water from the bush track
So spring has sprung and everything looks brighter.  And as often happens when the sun comes out I get slightly more enthusiastic for health and fitness.  So I headed out on a morning walk.

Lots of people are probably familiar with the Bay Run which circles around Iron Cove Bay.  Living near Callan Park means I can cut through the park to meet up with the path, and take a lovely walk around the water.  It's very popular for cyclists, prams, and plenty of different levels of walking and running fitness.  

Callan Park itself is quite a hidden secret, and includes the gorgeous sandstone buildings of what was the Rozelle Hospital (or the Kirkbride Complex) which are now used by the Sydney College of the Arts.  But today I found a previously undiscovered (by me) path - the Callan Park bush track.

I also have recently been reading on the very excellent blog Garden Amateur about native Australian plants and the lack of knowledge in the general public (and certainly I fall into that category) about them.  So this seemed to be quite timely as well to see some of our natives in their (almost) natural setting.

So I have to admit that I have no idea what any of these plants are, but I wanted to share with you all some beautiful examples of the beauty which is hidden away and so close to the city!

The Bush track in Callan Park

The track is level and easy to walk
The steps run up to the road at one end of the track

Tiny purple flowers 


Mass of tiny white flowers

Don't know what this one is but I think I have a lot of these self seeding in my garden - but I pull them out before they flower!

Flowers are a bit blurry but these are yellow flat kind of flowers
Pink grevillea type plant, flowers about one inch wide.

Much as I do not want to give away the secrets of Callan Park and have it full (there was no one on the track today at all) I have to say it is worth a trip to visit this beautiful area so close to the centre of Sydney!

The blackbutt eucalyptus mentioned above

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