Saturday, 9 January 2016

Almost my blog birthday!

It's almost the first birthday of The Crooked Cottage.  Which is pretty exciting.  It all started last year with my new years resolution of starting a blog - which really was going to be about our falling down house and the perils and joys of DIY.  Although we haven't done all that much DIY (I get inspired at times, but other times very uninspired!) and it has kind of morphed more into being about my garden.

I've had a great year, although I have found it more difficult lately to post as life just seems to be crazy busy all the time.  I've really enjoyed reading lots of different blogs, about gardening, DIY, and simple living.  I have a few of them on my blog list, and would definitely recommend all of them!  I learn a lot from these blogs, and I hope that occasionally I can help people out with some information too.

I've really enjoyed being a part of the Garden Share Collective - and anyone who is interested in growing their own food should join in too!  Anything from some herbs in containers on a balcony to serious gardens on large areas (I'm still not sure how big an acre is.  But I know it's way bigger than my 150 square metres!)

So this years new years resolutions will be - 

1) Keep up the blog - and try to be a bit more consistent.  I'm pretty chuffed that according to my blog stats I've had 7500 visits this year, so hopefully I can increase that average!
2) Waste less food - this is a bad habit of mine, and it is quite shameful how much produce goes into my compost bin.  I guess it's better in the compost than the rubbish bin, but it is wasteful, and I'm going to try hard not to do it so much this year.
3) After just reading some posts on Nana Chels's blog Going Grey and Slightly Green I'm inspired to try to learn (or relearn, although not sure if being taught by your grandma when you are 8 and then trying again 30 years later counts as "relearning") how to crochet.  Time will tell.....

And of course there are still plenty of jobs to do around the house - including fixing my leak which seems to have returned, get the whole place painted externally, fix our balcony, and do something about my messy back courtyard.  Oh and of course properly fix the letterbox....

So thanks for reading, commenting, and making suggestions, it is much appreciated!


  1. Your letter box is a classic! Don't fix it. It would give your postie a smile every day.

    1. Ha but I needed my watering can - and the bin.... Besides I'm not sure I want to encourage my husband to do more "fixing"!