Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tasmanian Holiday - Part Two

Well I have already written about part of our recent trip to Tasmania, so here is the last part of our travels -

After Launceston we drove up to Stanley.  It looks deceptively close on the map, but the nice views, windy roads and the fact that our hire car struggled to get much above 80km/hour (and sounded like a lawn mower when it did!) meant that the drive took us longer than I had thought.  Of course, a stop at Ashgrove Cheese also meant a little longer between destinations.  But it was worth it!

Stanley lies on the north coast of Tassie, and there is actually a narrow passage of land leading the "The Nut", a large stone formation towering over the quaint little fishing village of Stanley.  We stayed just outside the town at the Beachside Retreat property (again, this is not sponsored but I would be very happy for someone to pay for me to go back!)

The view from our cabin

Our cabin was fantastic, very private, and my favourite part was the large porthole window which is actually set up as a window seat, so you can sit in the window and wait for the wildlife.
The porthole window seat

We also had gorgeous views of the sheltered lagoon.

So this few days was all about wildlife!

First we only saw rabbits, which was a bit dull.  Then I saw in the gloomy dusk what looked to be the size of a rabbit, but took off hopping like a kangaroo - but much faster!  I was intrigued to what I had seen and thought it might have been a potoroo.  The next night though the mystery was solved - there were many wallabies around and what I had seen was actually a juvenile wallaby.  I didn't get a picture of them as they were a bit shy and easily startled, and they can really move once they take off!

The wallaby - through the glass and at dusk!

The only problem with our lovely secluded cabin - it was so quiet at night that I hardly slept as I kept hearing little creatures (most likely those wallabies!) moving around, and at one stage heard something small scuttle across the verandah outside - possibly a marsupial mouse. Guess I've been a city girl too long if I can't sleep without traffic, sirens or planes flying overheard!

Apart from the marsupials we also saw lots of birds.  I am not a "twitcher" and so apart from the blue fairy wren and the yellow tailed black cockatoo I can't list the species, however they were plentiful.  Lots of sea birds waiting on the sandbanks of the lagoon for the molluscs.

The yellow tailed black cockatoo
And then there were the sea creatures.  We strolled along the beach, and waded in the water up to our knees - it was surprisingly warm.  And so clear!  So we could see many little creatures - sea snails, pipis (well I call them pipis, I think some people call them cockles, or they are similar or the same as vongole), crabs and jellyfish.  I also saw a lot of lovely shells, we didn't pick anything up or disturb it though just photographed where we saw them.

Little crab making his covered hole.

On the second day we were at Stanley we realised we were in town for the Show.  Now my husband has been to the Royal Easter Show but he had never attended a proper country agricultural society show - so of course we went.  Us and everyone from the surrounding area I think!

My favourite part is always the prizes for arts and crafts and gardening - and the Circular Head Show did not disappoint.  The same names kept popping up (obviously some people have very green thumbs) and I have to say I can only dream of show worthy broad beans, garlic, carrots and other vegetables.

Some of the prize winning broad beans

More prize winners - strawberries and lemons this time.

Another fun aspect was the "Mr Potato Head" and "Vegetable animals" section - awesome displays.

Cauliflower mouse


Bit blurry but how fun are the Mr Potato Heads?!

I don't think Mr Crooked Cottage really understands the importance of those first prize awards, or especially a blue ribbon for champion, but I'm sure anyone who has ever grown up in a country town knows how much you covet those, especially when you are small.  So I hope you are all growing prize winning vegies or cooking some delicious and champion ribbon cakes and scones!


  1. That porthole window reminds me of the hobbit house in lord of the rings.....

  2. I have never been to Tassie but it always looks lovely in photos on blogs. My girl lives in The Outback of NW Qld and she won a couple of prizes at the show. She was quite chuffed and I know how important shows are in our country towns.

    1. Yes Tassie is fantastic, I've been twice and really do recommend it. And that's awesome that your daughter won some prizes at the show!. My husband thinks I'm so strange when I make a beeline to the exhibition hall at any show.